Entry 0147

An open letter to the writers of the new Star Trek movie.
Caution: Includes Spoilers.

Dear Sirs,

In regards to your recent interview with TrekMovie.com, I have the following to say:
[spoiler]What the fuck are you thinking? “It’s the same, but it’s different”? It’s a brand new alternate universe, but it’s not a reboot?
Um, no – sorry! If it’s a new universe, a new line of continuity… Then it is, by definition, a fucking reboot.[/spoiler]

And, I’m fine with that – as long as you stop treating the fans like idiots, and just admit it. It’s your movie, and as long as your true to the core of the series, that’s all that really matters.

Just stop with the bullshit – you’re not fooling anyone, you’re only pissing us off.


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