Entry 0145

I recently expressed my desire to write up another State of Gaming Address – but as I was attempting to write it out, I started to question the need for a long post discussing the many nuances and distinguishing factors between the three home systems.

Then I realized that I don’t really need to spend as much time detailing everything – it’d be better for everyone if I just summed stuff up, and moved on to a new post.

So, here’s the short version:

XBox 360:

  • Updated Interface – Pretty, somewhat more useful
  • Avatars – New, Mii like fellows good for… Something, I’m sure.
  • Netflix Streaming – Best new feature. Worth the $10 monthly Netflix fee.
  • More Reliable Hardware – Finally updated the hardware so it’s far less fail prone. You can actually trust it to keep working.

Playstation 3:

  • Tweaked UI – The best interface on a console this generation. Easy to use, easy to find stuff, quck and responcive.
  • Best Store – Perfectly laid out, easy to navigate and super fast. Doesn’t  use any strange points system, uses real money for transactions.
  • Flash Support – With the built in browser, this allows you to watch YouTube and Hulu on your TV. Sure, it’s not Netflix, but it’s the next best thing.
  • Weak Online Support – No standard features for games, no cross-game chat, no universal message box. All very “last gen”.
  • Home Bites Ass – Sure, it just launched, but it does bite ass. The player creator is weak, the system is slow, and it’s just not really worth the time or effort to play with it. Maybe it’ll evolve, but right now it’s ass.


  • Same As Last Time – There’s been no change. Is still easiest to use of them all, but without any real games worth checking out it’s really not worth bothering with. Great for playing the classic stuff, or for parties, but not a Real System.

So, there you have it – My thoughts on the current crop of systems, updated and short.

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5 replies on “Entry 0145”

  1. Only you that can write something about game system without boring me even a little bit 😉
    Great Post!

  2. Heh, thanks.
    We’ll see if you still think that once I finish my several page dissertation on the evolution of the modern game system.

  3. Any pc games you like? Not that I know of any others…. I’ve been questing in Northrend on WOTLK. 😛

    1. @Jessica, You live!
      I really don’t know of any PC titles… I don’t play PC games.
      Spore, maybe…

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