Entry 0138

Well… Rich tipped me off to this, and it seems fairly legit: After much speculation, the Star Trek Experience will most likely be reopening at the Neonopolis next year!


From that short blurb, they have the go ahead, and sounds like they have the funding. It also sounds like there will be “upgrades”, which – I hope – means they’ll finally update the flyby portion of the Klingon Encounter.

I really hope this goes through. I’ve missed being able to head down to Quarks and get a WarpCore and Talaxian Turkey wrap… If this goes through, it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

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3 replies on “Entry 0138”

  1. Even the bastion of all knowledge, Wikipedia, is saying that this is a go.
    I really, really hope so.

    I’m so there opening night if and when this happens.

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