Entry 0135

The block continues. Maybe it’s allergies. 🙁

This weekend Nadia and I marked four months together by going up to Mt Charleston. We hiked around for a while, played in the snow, and generally had a damn fun time driving around. At the start, I admit, I thought I had missed my turn – thankfully, I hadn’t and my memory served me well. The back way to the lodge was right where I thought it would be. 🙂

I performed a good deed that day too – helped a stuck motorist with a quick jump. They said many other cars had passed them by that morning before I pulled over to help out. Pretty sad, particularly seeing as how we were up the side of a mountain, at least an hour away from civilization and no cell service to speak of. You would think people would band together, but no.

We had an early dinner (or late lunch) at the lodge, and it was fairly romantic: the only problem being some fat broad from Georgia blathering on at the top of her damn lungs. It was bad enough that Nadia, who is always calm, cool, collected and seeing the bright side of everything (my polar opposite, basically) was getting annoyed.

Then we came home, and I was hit with a rather bad sinus infection. Pain in my head, my nose, my ears… I tried to play it off – unsuccessfully – so she went out and got me some medication while I napped.

Then we cuddled, and it was Sunday.

I spent Sunday in a cold medicine induced haze.

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  1. Ah, Southerners. I’m immediately reminded of the Texan talking loudly next to me at Cirque du Soliel. Obnoxious!!

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