Entry 0134

It’s been kind of quiet on the blog lately… Not that there hasn’t been things to blog about – I had an amazing birthday last week – but I’ve either not had the time to sit down and actually write something, or when I have had the time, I’ve been faced with a rather bad case of writers block.

But, I would like to at least get something down – so here goes. Might not be the best piece of prose, but at least it’s an attempt at chronicling the events of my Birthday Weekend.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

PTs. Drinks with Coldiron.
Nadia showed up eventually, her friend Yanni followed later.
We had more drinks, talked, played pool.

Then midnight came…

Thursday, November 6, 2008
The new waitress brought out a cake, with candles… For me. Nadia and Coldiron and Yanni sang happy birthday. I was surprised, taken off guard. Mostly. 😉

Nadia gave me a great coat and a spiffy card. Coldiron gave me a Unicorn pen. Yanni brought chocolate. The cake, too, was chocolate with chocolate frosting, my name in green and little hearts or flowers in purple. Green and purple for Nadia and I… I still have some of it in my fridge. It is yuummy.

We all went our separate ways shortly after.

That Morning

Work kind of sucked. I was tired, I was ready to go home almost as soon as I got there. I did my best to just make it through the damn day.

My dad took Rosenberg and I to lunch, and later my co-workers sang to me, a ritual in this department. Off key, at the top of the lungs… A cacophony of comradery.

That night Nadia and I had dinner with my folks. She gave me a watch… I love watches. It was actually a total surprise – I loved it.

We had sushi.

Friday, November 7th

Slept in. Played some games… Saw Repo! with Nadia. It was a great movie.


We painted at my parents house. It was… Okay. I had an asthma attack- a bad one. It kept bothering me for a few days, too… I just didn’t mention it much.

Nadia and Dad made fried Spam sammiches. They were yummy.

Sushi again. I love raw fish.
With Nadias auntie and uncle.
It was fun. I enjoyed, because I was with her.

Had red bean ice cream, it was different.

Eventually I went over to Coldirons. We played and drank some White Russians and Mudslides then played Halo 3 until 4am.

Monday I slept. I watched Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter.
It was pretty good.
I missed Nadia.


Met Nadia for Lunch at the Fashion Show mall. Ate at an Italian place. She bought me a Dragonforce CD.

That night, Rosenberg, Coldiron and myself saw Dragonforce in concert. We sat in the VIP lounge, drinking free Mudslides.

My Twitter feed could not contain the epicness, and my iPhone camera scored and EPIC PHAIL when trying to get any pictures.

Nadia, and the guys, and I, and Anna, had a late snack after the show. They had seen Mama Mia, it got out at the same time.

It was neat.
It was a grand weekend, five days off…

One more day to chronicle tho…

We saw Repo! again.
I am sure now that I like this movie, and parts of it have entered my daily working vocabulary.

There are pictures on the Facebooks, and .Mac Galleries… Eventually I’ll get around to collecting them all and posting them here… Or linking to them or something.

But, all said: It was great.

I just wish I had the words to describe it in full.

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