Entry 0130

Last night I loaned my DS to Nadia. She’d mentioned previously that she might maybe want one someday, but right now maybe using mine would be wiser… So I packed up my DS Lite, the charger and a handful of games (XX/XY – Feel the Magic, New Super Mario Bros, Super Princess Peach, Animal Crossing, Nintendogs, Kirby Squeak Squad, Pokemon Diamond) and handed them over to her for safe keeping and fun use…

Not entirely sure why I’m blogging about it. I didn’t really ever use my DS in the first place, but if I do miss it I still have my DS Phat to keep me company, or the PSP if it comes to that. I guess a part of me, the nerdy part of me, is just very happy to see her wanting to barrow and play some of the games I enjoy – and wanting to get some games of her own.

I guess, on that level, it makes me realize even more that we really are a great match.

Odd thing to key in on, I know…

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