Entry 0128

As promised, the Weekend Update.
Small note: Still having a few issues with the pictures, will upload them when I get home. Just wanted to get this much done.

Ready? Here we go!

Friday was my day off, so I slept in. A lot.
When I finally got my lazy self out of bed, I cleaned up a bit, then read more of House of Leaves. I’m just starting to get to the really good bits, by the way, and this is turning out to be a damn fine book.

Anyway, Nadia came over about five (traffic was kind of heavy), but that was okay since we weren’t going to hang around the apartment much anyway: It was voting time!

We climbed into my car, and ended up at the Galleria Mall. Walked around a little bit (checked out the new Hot Pocket, not sure I like it now…) and generally wandered about a bit.

Eventually, we made it down to the end of the mall where the voting was taking place – I went, did my thing, and when I came back… Had lost Nadia! 🙁 A quick phone call, and I found her again – She’d slipped off to the music store for a bit.

We wandered back towards where I parked, stopping only to get some candy (Yay! :D) and look at some Anime. Pricey stuff, that – but some of it is worth it (Ergo Proxy)…

Went to Macaroni Grill for supper, had fun drawing on the table. I drew a little cartoon of Nadia, and she liked it enough that I had to cut it off the table before we left. Good thing they just toss the paper out – although, I did try and hide the hole under a plate, just in case.

Because it was still early, and Friday, I decided it might be fun to check out a lounge or club or something. So, we trekked on over to The Strip to see what we could find, fun wise. I had – previously – stashed a dress shirt in the car for just such an occasion, so meeting the dress code was not going to be an issue.

First stop: Minus 5, a new place in Mandalay Bay. Basically, it’s a giant freezer where everything inside is made of ice, and you hang out in big coats and neat hats drinking vodka cocktails and trying to keep warm. It’s here that I would place a picture if I wasn’t having so much trouble with it…

Afterward, we went to Tabu – where Nadia got in for free because she’s so damn adorable. 😉 Good music, kinda pricey drinks, loads of fun.

Then we went home – My feet were killing me, and Nadia was kinda tired too.

Had breakfast at the Original Pancake House again, and again I had the bacon pancakes. Nadia had a mushroom omlette, which she didn’t like. It was unevenly seasoned – some parts super salty, others very bland…

We then headed over to Opportunity Village in order to see what they had, and try to find some vintage clothes for a party I’ll discuss in a little bit. They had all manner of neat stuff, but nothing that really fit what we were looking for. Still, Nadia got a little jumper and a coat, and I found a tie for my Halloween costume.

Next up was The Attic, a much more expensive place to shop. Loads of over priced cool stuff – and, there, I found a shirt and some shades for aforementioned party. Goody bags in hand, we went back to my place – where Nadia took a nap, and I played some .

When she woke up, she went home. 🙁

Later that night, there as a 70’s Party at her house… Again, pictures go here later. It was pretty fun, met some neat people – and some strange, freaky people (She-male stripper with a slave? Not a costume, and only in Vegas…) and then I went home.

Sunday was guy day – Rosenberg came over, we played SR2 and LBP, ate chili dogs and just hung out.

Another fun weekend!

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  1. The details in this writing really stunned me.. It’s just marvelous.
    Am Looking forward to see the pics ~ umm..
    Did I send them in wrong format or something? 🙁

    This writing – this just another evidence shows that you are a damn good writer 🙂


    ps. before I met you, I never knew what it was like to look at someone and smile for no reason… 😉

  2. No, they are in the right format. Just issues with the browser at work… Which I shouldn’t be doing this on anyway, so… 😉

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