Entry 0124

For some weird reason, I seem to be reduced to doing posts only about my weekends. I may have to try and write something else this week – but, until I do, here’s another Weekend Update.

Meet up with Nadia at her place, tried to fix her laptop – the sound has gone out. Made very little headway… Just enough to ensure that it’s not a problem with the volume turned way down… Didn’t think it was, but one must always be thorough when trying to fix something.

We went to Town Square, bought tickets for the movie we were going to see (Max Payne) and then headed to Kabuki, a quasi-Japanese restaurant. We had some sushi (kinda blah), she had the fried pork (pretty damn tasty), and I had the mixed beef/chicken hotplate (nummy). We talked and joked the whole time, was very nice.

After dinner, we walked over to Borders to kill some time – the movie wasn’t set to start for another hour and change… I picked up a couple of things, and Nadia bought me House of Leaves.

We grabbed a coffee (Well, she had a maple something or other, I had a chai something or other), I played with my new Zombie flash cards, then we went to see the movie. I’ll talk about the movie later, it actually should get a post of it’s own…

After the movie we were both pretty tired (was a bit after 1am), so I took her home, I went home and that was that.

Woke up late, took a while to get moving. Went over to my folks house to help my mom with some computer stuff, helped my dad with his a bit too… Nadia txt’d me, asked if maybe my folks wanted to do dinner.

So, we did.

Dad and Nadia grilled some steaks, I made up some mashed potatoes (Nadia thought they could use more salt…), there were steamed greenbeans (We all thought they could have been steamed a bit longer) and Mom made up some mushrooms for Nadia and Dad.

After dinner, we watched Young Frankenstein, and I’m glad we did because I had forgotten just how awesome that movie was. So funny, yet over so quickly. Once the movie was over, Nadia and I went back to my place – it was getting late, and we were both still a bit tired from the previous nights endeavors.

When we got there, Nadia had me check her laptop out again – I didn’t get any further with it. I was able to get a BIT of sound out of the headphone, but it was still super quiet. Something, somewhere, is buggered.

We watched some LRR, then went to bed… Talked a bit before that, though – stuff was bothering Nadia, but we talked it over and – once all was said and done – I think we ended up closer than before.

It was a kind of special night… But, details aren’t for public consumption. :p

Nadia went home Sunday morning, I ate some leftover rice & fried Spam (promised I’d make enough for both of us next week), and then Rosenberg came over. We went to GameStop, I traded a ton of stuff for not much cash, got Saints Row 2, then we went to Coldirons.

Watched a movie (Idiocracy), played some Halo, and then went home.

A much shorter day, all told…

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