Entry 0122

Today is a day that I really wish we could have cameras at the office…

One of my co-workers have been on a little vacation – for the past three weeks, she and her husband have been traveling throughout Europe. Good for them…

Well, she comes back on Monday, and as a way to say “Welcome back! Don’t ever leave us again, seriously, we mean it…” we “decorated” her cubical. By decorated, I of course mean attempted to pull of an Epic Prank on a minor scale.

The short of it – most of her stuff was wrapped in aluminum foil – her monitors, her mouse and keyboard, her chair, stapler, tape thinggie, lamp and potted plant – and we also strung up some fake cobwebs. Oh, and silly string – lots of silly string.

Then, just because I bought too much foil (150ft), we closed off the entrance to her cubical with the foil. Made a thin wall of it, about four foot wide and six foot tall.

Pretty darn awesome… And makes me wish I could have some pictures of it.

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