Entry 0119

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This past SaturdaySunday, Nadia and I hit up the Adventuredome @ Circus Circus. It was a hell of a lot more fun than I expected, even if a couple of the things I really wanted to do were closed. No Laser Tag and no log ride thing…


We did, though, do the roller-coaster twice, which was kind of awesome. It’s not the best coaster in the area, but it is still a load of fun… I ended up getting nauseous fairly early on in the day, but after a bit of walking, game playing and a brief snack, I was feeling much better.

I’m thinking next trip I’ll take a couple of them motion-sick pills before hand, see if that helps at all.

Or maybe Jager Bombs. 😉

The picture? Taken over lunch… I just think it’s super cute! ^_^

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2 replies on “Entry 0119”

  1. OMG… there’s my pic in your blog ^_^
    you catched the right moment!

    I think it was Sunday tho, Babe
    not Saturday.. 😉

    Btw, I forgot to ask,
    which ride/game is your fave?

  2. You’re right – it was Sunday. Fixed it. 🙂

    Favorite ride was the roller coaster, followed by the one that shot us straight up.

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