Entry 0114

Tonight Nadia and I went to In & Out, then watched a movie and spent sometime hanging out in the park at Town Square.

Good times…

The movie we saw was “Burn after Reading”, the new Cohen Brothers movie.
OMFG it was hilarious… A sort of mad-cap zany farce thing, based around the CIA (kinda) and people generally being douche bags to one another… Bad Pitt was amazing in it. I had no idea he could be that damn funny, but he was. The rest of the cast was also pretty damn stellar, but Pitt was the stand out for me.

While we were leaving the theater, who should I see in the hall but Penn (of Penn and Teller), talking to his friends about how he, also, enjoyed the movie. I had no idea just how fucking tall Penn was, but dude is huge. Like, Big McLargehuge huge… All hair and biker leathers and shit – big, intimidating dude.

Needless to say, I did not walk up and ask for any sort of autograph. I would expect he’d saw me in half with his laser eyes or something.

We (Nadia and I, not Penn and I) then walked over to Borders to get something to drink, and to look at the comics. Did I mention that Nadia is awesome? Cause she is. We looked at some comics, and some manga – turns out we both like Vampire Knight, and she had pegged me as someone who would like All Star Superman.

Then we sat on the “lawn” for about an hour, just talking about stuff – all sorts of stuff – having a very relaxed evening. Before things were done, we got yelled at by a security guard for having the audacity to use the public restrooms to pee in.

The scandal! Peeing in a public restroom!

All in all, a damn good night.

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  1. I enjoyed the movie too. Just saw it on Friday since I couldn’t think of much else to do in Florida on an early afternoon.

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