Entry 0112

Not much going on lately – things have been rather calm at the Dunny Cave.

Today I stayed home from work – it was my “Day Sans Pay” thing, mandatory for anyone who breaks a government car. How did I spend this day of company imposed exile? Did I use it to reflect upon my misdeeds, to better myself and those around me, to prevent such an occurrence from happening again?

The hell I did! I spent it in bed. Sleeping. Or reading.
Mostly sleeping.

I have started playing WoW again – but I’m hiding myself away on one of the servers with a very low population. Not sure why, but the game seems to be a lot easier when there aren’t half a billion asshats also trying to kill the same thing you are… I’m actually almost enjoying it.

Right I’m I’m rolling as an Undead Mage, and that’s a ton of fun. Throwing fire and ice, eating what I kill… Totally digging it. Did try a Taruen Druid – not sure how long I’ll keep him though. Too damn slow on his feet, and the move set isn’t all that awesome. I’ll give it a few levels before I decide though.

I’m doing all the WoWing on my Mini in the living room. Got myself a neat wireless keyboard/mouse combo that totally beats the pants off the Apple wireless set I had before. Not sure if the Logitec wireless is better or what, but I’m really digging it. Only downsize is, well… The size. It’s much larger, but I suppose that’s not a huge dealbreaker.

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