Entry 0111

As I write this, it’s about an hour until the Large Hadron Collider goes live, ending the world and all we know not actually doing much more than letting us know if our current theories on physics and such are correct or not.

I think it’s kind of funny that people get worked up over silly things such as this. Today, it’s slamming particles at one another at 99.999% C, just a few years ago it was the Y2K Bug, and before that? Rap Music.

I wonder – does humanity always have to have something to run screaming from? Are we, as a species, incapable of accepting that things are pretty much not that bad and we probably won’t end up going out in a blaze of accidental technological destruction?

That’s not to say we don’t have anything to worry about, because we sure as hell do. There’s the whole Climate Shift thing going on, and the steady threat of Nuclear Annihilation, but we spend more time worrying about things that aren’t going to kill us – or have a near zero chance anyway – than we do actually doing something about those that will kill us

Bah! Maybe the LHC will just rip a tiny hole in space-time, allowing the minions of the dark Mirror Universe to spill over onto our Earth, bringing in a thousand thousand years of pain, suffering and tiny pointed goatees.

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