Entry 0108

Well, the Star Trek Experience is no more – the closing ceremony was last night. It was actually done very well, from the nice speeches to the entire working “cast” getting an introduction by Lady Q (Suzie Plakson in a red dress I’m sure she was glued into), followed by the presentation of the Federation Banner to the crew member who’d been there the longest.

Never thought I’d see a Vulcan cry. To her credit, she tried so damn hard to hold tight and not break character. She almost made it too…

Except for some rowdy asshats in the audience – probably closet Trekkies trying to assert their threatened manhood – it was a surprisingly tasteful close to what was, basically, a kitschy, tacky Vegas attraction from a by-gone era.

The STE, from Quarks to the rides, shops and all, was almost a second home to me, a gathering point for many various friends. It managed to play a role in some of my favorite moments here in Vegas, and it was a genuinely fun thing to do in Vegas that wasn’t trying to be something it wasn’t. I’ll miss it, but I’m very glad I was there for the last day of that monument.

One of the crew members remarked that this shouldn’t be met with too much sadness, for

“with everything Trek, anytime something ends it’s almost always replaced with something bigger and better.”

I do hope he’s right.

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One reply on “Entry 0108”

  1. Soo many emotions going on when reading your post, babe..

    Really sad that STE is no more :”( but im glad i was there too
    for the last day.. (77:69:74:68:20:79:6f:75:20:3a:29)

    I think it was a good speech by Suzie Plakson
    and she really was sexy in that red dress (a girl’s opinion ;P)

    Will miss that place for sure!
    Thank you for introducing me to STE and took me a couple of times there;
    I had tons of fun!

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