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Demo on XBL and PSN
Demo on XBL and PSN

It’s been a while since the last time I was excited about a new game hitting – I think MGS4 was the last game I actually got all excited over.

Star Wars : The Force Unleashed is one that I’m really looking forward to. Not sure if I’m exactly excited about it or not, but I am really hoping to be.

Tonight I’ll be downloading the demo and giving it a spin – and, since it’s on both XBox Live and Playstation Network, I figure I’ll download them both, and compare the two. I did this once before with Burnout: Paradise, so I figure this might be a good chance to try that again.

As a bonus, and just because I’m a total dork, I’ll LiveBlog the whole thing right here.

So, stay tuned for the fun.

Let The LiveBlog Begin!

  • 17:38 –
    Started downloading the demo on both XBL and PSN. Started the download on XBL before PSN, might have been a mistake. For some odd reason the demo weighs in at ~905MB on XBL and ~1350MB on PSN. That’s a strange ~400MB difference… Could the PSN Demo have higher resolution textures or is it just coded poorly?
    Last time a saw a strange difference in file size like this was with Spore, and it turned out EA had just wrapped the Windows version of spore in Wine before releasing it on the Mac.

    Maybe LA is wrapping the PS3 version of the game in an XBox emulator… YOU READ IT HERE FIRST!

  • 17:50-
    Still downloading, I’m going to go take a short nap… I’ll post more when I get up.
  • 19:25-
    Woke up from nap, demo was done downloading on XBox. Gave it a test drive.
    Hard to control though.
  • 18:05-
    At “boss” – Yeah, kinda hard – still awesome.
    Once you figure it out, it’s a little *less* awesome.
  • 18:19-
    Gonna give the PS3 a go – “installing” the demo. Man, this is one area where the XBox gets it right.
  • 20:27-
    Hmm… Looks a bit cleaner, color wise. Maybe it’s just the HDMI though.
    Loading is much much faster.
  • 20:35-
    Things do look a lot clearer – I’m going to have to do a side-by-side later, but so far the PS3 is looking nicer to me. Controls are about the same.
    Things seem… Bigger. Not sure why, but it feels bigger on PS3 than XBox. Stupid, huh?
  • 20:38-
    Force Lightning FTMFW. I love me some lightning!
  • 20:40-
    Gotta pay closer attention on the XBox now – I’m seeing the armor glow on the Storm Troopers where my lightsaber hits them, not sure if I noticed that on XBox.
  • 20:52-
    Just finished up my play through on PS3.
    Looking at the cinematic, I’m almost positive now that this game looks better on PS3 than it does on XBox.
    Damn this is a fun game

Well, there you have it – TFU is a damn fun game, and I can’t wait to buy it.
All things considered, unless my later play through change my opinion, this is a PS3 buy for me.

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