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It can be hugs time naow?
It can be hugs time naow?

An Open Letter to the McCain Campaign

Regarding a recent entry on your blog, where you stated:

…Dungeons & Dragons crowd to disparage a fellow countryman’s memory of war from the comfort of mom’s basement…

Is this the kind of thinking one can expect from McCain and his (potential) government? Slurs, slander and ages old stereotypes?

What’s next? Implying that all gamers are fat asthmatics who’ve never seen the sun? That all scifi fans are hopeless nerds who’ll never know the touch of a woman? That we hate America and those that fought for her?

More to the point: How is this kind of blatant attack any different than what you are saying is happening against McCain?

This is not what I want in the White House – I do not want someone who surrounds himself with people who are rude, mean, cruel and completely out of touch with those that might actually consider voting for him.

I do, however, want an apology from Mr. McCain.

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