Entry 0098

Things to do In Vegas This Week

This looks like it’s a fairly busy week, geek wise, here in Sin City: We’ve got the Black Hat convention, followed by DefCon (the hacker convention), and the Official Star Trek convention.

I do wonder about the timing – it seems a bit fortuitous that the hackers would schedule their con for the same weekend as the Trekkies. Probably killing two birds with one stone.

I’m going to be attending at least one day of the Trek con – Sunday. Gonna check out the Voyager reunion panel (I’m sorry, but Voyager was my favorite series), as well as The Two Spocks and Star Trek Online, the big reveal for the MMO that’ll be eating my spare monies next year.

I’m also considering hitting up DefCon, if only for the badge: It looks super sweet, having an IR port and an SD card slot, and… Stuff that I don’t fully understand. Even if I don’t go, though, you can bet your ass I’m going to lock my wireless down the fuck tight, or at least as tight as I can.

And BlackHat? Yeah – I’ll just read about it in the journals. πŸ™‚

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2 replies on “Entry 0098”

  1. Firstly: Holy crap, awesome that you are alive.
    Second: This was about things going on in Vegas – I’ve been a bit poor, and unable to attend anything outside of town for a while.
    Third: Did you read about the clusterfuck that MST3k panel became? Turning people away because they thought there was no room, when in fact there was?

    I thought MST3kinfos “coverage” was total bullshit too – “Buy the DVD!”

    Yeah, fuck you buddy!

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