Entry 0096

An Open Letter to Panda Express

Dear Panda Express,

Can I please get a double order of the Beijing Beef without all the damn veggies?

I really like the meat parts of the food, and the rise is pretty tasty too… At least, when it’s not over cooked and crunchy. But the veggies? Totally throw the flavor of everything off! I spend more time picking them out and pushing them aside than I do actually enjoying the spicy-sweet flavor of the caramelized beef chunks. The majority of the flavor comes from the “sauce” anyway, so why even pretend that the veggies do anything other than take up space and make it appear that I’m getting more to eat than I really am?

Hell, I’d be willing to kick an extra buck or so towards the purchase price if I could be assured none of the nasty rabbit food would be hidden in my lunch.

Thanks much!

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2 replies on “Entry 0096”

  1. It’s like a 1:1 ratio of veggies to food.
    Main reason I stopped getting their pepper chicken, it’s almost 80% veggies, no meat. 🙁

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