Entry 0095

I was supposed to be in bed about half an hour ago, but as normally happens I decided to take one last moment to look over a few RSS Feeds, double check email and maybe write up something in this here blog…

Then I got to tinkering, which almost always leads to trouble.

First, a change that did happen: I’ve added a plugin that tracks the page views of each post. I’m honestly surprised that this was not included functionality with WordPress (a glaring oversight, if you ask me), but it’s there now at the bottom of the text next to the last modified information. Tiny text, since it’s not super important, but stuff that I’m concerned with.

Secondly, a change I’m considering. I’ve pretty much settled on this look for the blog for the foreseeable future. Some of you might remember a few of the previous iterations that this thing has undergone, looks wise, but I do always end up coming back to this template. I’ve tweaked it here and there – the color scheme, minor changes to the layout, added a few plugins and other stuff, but it’s been a gradual evolution rather than an all-out overhaul. To that end, I’m no longer fully comfortable with the “Designed By” credit there at the footer – Yes, it’s still based on the theme by Stephen Reinhardt, but it’s by far not his work anymore. It’s using his framework, but the rest has been changed by quite a chunk.

My question is wether how I should phrase the credit, if it should be “Designed by Dunny, based on work by Stephen Reinhardt” or what. Basically, I’m no longer happy with a simple “Modified by” credit on my own blog – but, at the same time, I do still want to give the proper credit where it is due.

Whatever I do, I know the footer text is about to get a bit smaller – it’s too large for what it is.

I’ve also got to remember to make some updates to the WTF page and to the Bio, as they both are a bit stale. The WTF should contain the plugins I’ve added, and the Bio just needs to be expanded.

Also: Five posts until I hit 100 – Hurray!

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