Entry 0094

Dunny0.net Code Thing
Dunny0.net Code Thing
Many cell phones (mostly in Japan, but it’s spreading here in the US) and do this neat thing where they snap a picture of a barcode thing – as seen here, I think this is called a QR Code – and it’ll take you to a URL for future reading or to find out more about some product.

Or maybe it just contains a secret message for those clever enough to snap a picture…

This one? It just has the URL for this blog in it… I thought it was kind of neat. There’s a site that makes these into patches, but the patches are kind of lame in that they redirect to the guys own site, not to your pre-chosen URL. So… I thought I’d make my own.

Now I just gotta figure out how to make a patch with it. Ideas?

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  1. Yeah, I’m thinking a patch for my bag…
    I haven’t found a place online that does that either. I could, maybe, print it onto cloth on my own, then sew that to the bag, but that’s like work.

    I could always just have stickers made… Stickers are kind of cool.

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