Entry 0093

So far, today has been a bit of a slow-day, as opposed to the break-neck pace as set by the previous few days. Not that I’m complaining, mind, merely making an observation.

This morning I slept in, paid my rent – and was greeted by a package in the office area.

What could it be, I wondered as I brought it home…

Typing of the Dead and Keyboard for Dreamcast
Typing of the Dead and Keyboard for Dreamcast

It was a copy of Typing of the Dead that I had picked up on eBay a few weeks back, with the keyboard as well… for the Dreamcast! Total cost? About twenty bucks!

Needless to say, that made me quite happy… Of course, I now have to hurry and get the Game Room all setup and clean, a major chore when one realizes that it’s a total fucking mess at this point.

But, still – surprise new stuff! Yay!

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