Entry 0088

A Welcome Sign

Dunnys Log, Stardate… um… 10807.25…

Today I’m heading to the Star Trek Experience after work with a few friends of mine – Rosenberg, Rich and his crew… We’ll be doing the rides and having food (and booze) @ Quarks. I’m thinking it’ll be an awesome time, but I always have an awesome time @ STE, so I’m probably a horrible judge.

I do have a few things that I want (need) to take care of on this trip:

  • Get the recipe for the Warp Core Breach
  • Purchase at least one other color shirt
  • Look longingly at the refit Enterprise, consider buying it but don’t
  • Pick up a Spock and McCoy “action figure”

I’ll attempt to update this post with pictures and whatnot as events unfold – if I can’t get the iPhone to post here, I’ll link to a gallery at .Mac MobileMe specifically created for this.

Dunnys Log, Supplemental:
Turns out Rich had surgery on Wednesday, so he’s not going.
Rosenberg and I are still gonna check it out.

Dunnys Log, Final Entry:
Here’s the pictures I promised. Not sure what else I can add to this at this time – it was a bit sad, the feeling that the place was going to be closed in a few weeks. I did my best to get the Warp Core, but the bartender assured me that he’d be posting a full set of instruction on the interwebz the night it closed, so that’s something I suppose.

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