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Holy. Fucking. Shit.Tonight I watched a movie called The Machine Girl, and as you can tell by the poster to the left, I thought it was several flavors of awesome. It’s the kind of movie that shows why the idea of digital rentals is so damn good: I was kind of bored, had some spare currency on XBL, and figured I could find other, worse ways to spend four bucks.

Yeah, the rental cost me four bucks, but I just now did the math. Was it worth it? Oh hell yes it was! My only regret in this whole exchange is that I don’t get to keep a copy of this movie, that’s how much I enjoyed the damn thing. Minor plot spoilers to follow – but, frankly, this is not the kind of movie one would watch for it’s deep and twisty plot. Twisted, maybe, but not deep.

Except some of the wounds…

The basics of the movie are this: There’s this girl named Ami, and she’s got this little brother. Somehow – we never find out how – he gets involved with a gang, ends up owing them a couple grand, then manages to get himself tossed off a parking garage.

Really, this kid isn’t that bright.

Well, Ami is understandably heart broken over this, because now she’s all alone. Her parents committed suicide some time ago (we’re not told when) over some sort of murder charges – I guess they were implicated, but never convicted? Well, her and her stupid brother made a promise that they’d never die, then he went and had himself thrown to his death.

That, right there, is the majority of the plot. She sets out to find those that murdered her brother, and promises to help his spirit rest by killing every last one of them in the most bloody and gruesome ways possible.

Now, before you decide “Oh, okay – Kill Bill style revenge flick, I think I get it, thanks”, I should mention that there’s quite a bit of humor to this movie too. I mean, yeah, there’s a ton of over the top action, but a majority of the effects are done in such a way as to purposefully be funny. Such as the point where some one has their hand dipped in tempura batter, then their whole arm is deep fried… and comes out looking all fluffy and feathery and not at all gnarly and disgusting.

There’s also a couple of – I’m assuming – homages to Army of Darkness with both the gun-arm and a chainsaw-arm being tossed into the air, then “locked” on to the arm Ash style. It’s pretty sweet, and even sweeter when later on the chainsaw-arm is used as a chainsaw-leg.

There isn’t much else to say about the movie: It’s fairly predictable, if you decide to actually try and outguess the story, but that’s not the point of this at all – it is a very light hearted and fun diversion, something to entertain and pass two hours.

Which it does perfectly.

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