Entry 0083

Wendy Watson - Middletemp
Wendy Watson - Middletemp


Yes, this is from last weeks episode – so the hell what? WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE NOT WATCHING THIS SHOW?

Tonight’s episode was awesome: Dr. Gil (A Dr. Phil clone), hunting aliens… The whole episode was filled with BTTF references… WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE?


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2 replies on “Entry 0083”

  1. I realize that… But Dick Grayson was the first Robin, the Boy Wonder.
    And Dubdub is wearing the Robin outfit, soo… Wendy Grayson. :p

    That wasn’t the title text that was *supposed* to show up though, that was just meant to be the filename. It should have been “Wendy Watson – Middletemp”, and I’ve since fixed that.

  2. I couldn’t imagine you getting that wrong, but I was totally not getting the Grayson tangential thought. Thanks for clarifying.

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