Entry 0071

The new Alanis Morissette CD dropped about five days ago, and I only just now acquired my copy. First, a note to my financial manager: Fuck off, I did budget for this.

The music is pretty much what one has come to expect from Alanis: great vocals, rich, deeply layered music… That’s not to say there’s nothing new here, as there’s quite a bit of difference between this and, say, Jagged Little Pill. Take, for instance track three “Straitjacket” which can only be defined as dance. Rather emotional dance, like everything else she does it’s a poem set to music… But it’s music with electro-beats and the sirens one would normally hear in something by Senior Junior… Yet, in this instance, it works. By the time you get to what can only be called the guitar solo appx 2:20 you’ll be hooked.

Overall, this album is much darker and edgier than one might expect, but it’s still pretty god damn awesome. It is very electro, and fairly British in content and lyrical style, but those are only positive as far as I’m concerned.

I highly recommend this to all.

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