Entry 0066

Remember when I used to write things, like editorials or rants or reviews? Remember when there was more on my site that my feelings or expressions of boredom, or vague feelings of discontent colored with the rose tint of nostalgia?

Well, I do even if you don’t. In some ways, I admit, it’s a bit freeing not having to have a point when putting finger to keys (that just does not have the same ring as “pen to paper”), just being able to write for the sake of writing, for getting things into the realm of discussion.

Not that much of what I write is worthy of discussion, but that is neither here nor there.

A long while back I did two videos, one of me playing Mario Bros. to the music of Rush (It’s a Futurama thing), and one demonstrating the awesomeness of putting washing up liquid into an in-sink disposal. I’m not sure what happened to those videos, but suffice to say I’ve considered doing the video thing a few more times. Documenting the Star Trek Convention last year was great fun, as was documenting Rosenbergs Car. I’ll attempt to document more things as I can think of doing so… Maybe it’s not that exciting things don’t happen enough, maybe it’s that I don’t cause enough exciting things.

I also would like to start taking more photos. Not of anything or anyone in particular… A few (now distant) friends of mine have their own amateur photography blog, complete with weekly assignments and monthly scavenger hunts. I keep telling myself I’m going to get some film for my camera (that’s right, film – doing it old school) and that I’ll play along. But I keep not ordering the damn film, and I keep not checking into places that might be able to actually develop the damn film. Frankly, I’m probably never going to do it – although I do think it’d be awesome if I did.

I’m not going to continue the comic though. So, don’t ask.

I guess what I am saying is that I plan on making this site more dynamic in the next few months. I’m going to start spending more time and effort on not sitting at home, on getting out and just recording things, photographing things and, generally speaking, attempting to enjoy the City in which I live.

I’m so going to get those rainbows and those unicorns!

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