Entry 0063

Home EntertainmentThis is my current Home Entertainment rig – it’s located in my home, and it entertains me. Rosenberg and I spent a good chunk of Sunday moving things around and re-wiring shit to get it looking this nice.

I’m glad this project was tackled – the giant mass of wires behind the TV was some sort of fire-hazard, or at least a hazard to sanity. It looked to be about a foot thick, and I swear it was moving.

Although only two things were removed from the setup – the XBox and the Dreamcast – a total of four power supplies and twenty-something wires were actually removed… I’m still unsure where they came from, but I have not yet ruled out the idea of procreation.

When all was said and done I almost didn’t plug back in the cable box. I’m still thinking – very hard – about pulling it out and stuffing it in a different room.

Maybe, when I’m done with the “Game Room” – the next bit of house work on my list – I’ll move the box into there and – maybe – bring the Dreamcast back into the living room.


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  1. Yes, well… I hardly ever watch anything on TV anymore, and I figured the cable-box might be more at home with the other things I hardly use but still want to hold on to, i.e. the old systems that’ll be located in the Game Room.

    I’ll keep your graphical request in mind the next time I do something with text. Normally I add at least a bit of a shadow or something to offset the text, but it looked okay in the larger size without so I didn’t.

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