Entry 0057

Today I’m going to attempt to Live Blog the rest of my work day…
Can’t say how well this is going to work, as I haven’t exactly done it before. With a little luck it won’t suck too hard.

10:03 AM
Dear christ I’m hungry. My stomach is trying to crawl out of my body, it it hurts.
A lot.
Also, I seem to be very tired. Not sure why, I actually went sleep at a good time last night, got a good chunk of sleep.

One more thing: My foot keeps getting caught in my keyboard cable. It’s quite annoying and I wish it would stop.

Installing software for the Intern.
Goobtard is already breaking all sorts of security rules – should I be a hard ass and warn him, or turn a blind eye and go about my day?

Is that even a question? Hard ass FTMFW!

Shit… Ran the same installer twice.
What the hell – I’m so not awake at the moment. 🙁

Scene from Port of Subs
Girl: Would you like mayo or mustard?
Me: No, just lettuce and pickles please.
Girl: Mayo or mustard?
Me: Neither. Just lettuce and pickles.
Girl: No mayo or mustard?
Me: Pickles. Lettuce. Please.
Girl applies a tiny handful of lettuce to sammich, hands it to the guy next to her
Girl: And tomatoes…
Guy: Tomatoes?

Ugh… Fucking tards.

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