Entry 0056

Short entry tonight…
Thursday the guys and I went to Quarks, got our party on. Had a Warp Core, was tasty. The waitress was rubbish, hopefully I won’t have her the next time I go. Ended up spending money I probably shouldn’t have on a toy of the Enterprise (1701- no bloody A, B, C or D) but I’m happy with my purchase so it’s not a big deal.

Have been kicking around the idea of a Mini for the living room. It’d be nice to have a media center hooked up to the TV, to do double duty as a media server and a torrent work-horse. We’ll see, might end up getting it next week end. Trying to hold off on any Apple purchases until after the 9th though, as I’m expecting some cool shit from Jobs at the WWDC.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about buying, and probably will do, is a guitar. I’ve often wanted to learn to play and I figure now is as good a time as any to actually start trying. I know I want an electric, not some bloody acoustic. I want to learn to play good riffs, the kind of shit that Queen did, the kind of stuff that made Hendrix a god, the only kind of guitar hard enough to make Dios songs of rainbows and magic and shit sound hardcore… That’s what I want to play.

I wanna wail, ya know? Not rock but WAIL.

So, erm, yeah.

Nerd side, added the twitter feed back. Will get around to tweaking the font size shortly – I know it’s rather small, but until I can figure out just how many “tweets’ it’ll show I’ve gotta keep them small for space reasons. I’ll get it all sorted out shortly.

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