Entry 0050

I should be working right now, but I’m not. I just can’t seem to force myself to concentrate on the task at hand. Nothing actually going on, as such, that should be keeping my mind off the task at hand… Yet I’m still unable to do so.

My iPod just played the same song, different version, back to back. It’s always a bit odd when that happens, particularly when it’s on shuffle. I’ve got a little over two thousand songs, and it decides to play the live and studio version of “Around the World” back to back.

Shit, did I just admit to listening to Aqua at work? I think I did.

Saturday was, as always, Doctor Who Day. Good episode, part one of two. It wasn’t revolutionary – a bit formulaic in parts, so I suppose one could say it was evolutionary if one were one of those pretentious pricks who call things evolutionary – but I still really enjoyed it all the same. It features some great humor and some really good character moments. Donna is really growing on me, in ways that Martha never really did. I just think that Martha was never allowed to develop, she was always kept in Roses shadow.

Picked up GTA IV last night, am totally enjoying the hell out of it. Or I would be if I were playing it right now, which I’m not as I’m stuck at work at my desk writing an entry about it instead. But, I’m playing it IN MY MIND!

The lineup last night was a bit crazy. Lots of, um… Thuggish people there. At one point a fellow in a large SUV drove by, window down, staring at us with the cold eyes of a stoned killer. For a moment, I was sure he was going to engage in some GTA LARPing. I was prepared to duck and or cover.

Eventually he parked, and wandered on over to the end of the line…

The only other notable moment was when the first person to buy it came back out of the store. He stood there, amongst the crowd and slowly opened the collectors edition box… There was a palpable silence, a feeling of tension as everyone in line considered beating him down, taking the game and legging it for the car.

Eventually he stuffed it in his trunk and went home.

I can’t wait for lunch.

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