Entry 0049

So the loan fell through.
Meh. Not worrying about it.

Instead, my weekend will be filled with the ever present cleaning and some gaming.

Just got my hands on the Metal Gear Online beta, and let me just say that it’s frustrating as all hell. It has some moments of great fun, but so far I’m just not digging it. I figure I’ll head over to Best Buy sometime soon and pick up a headset, see if that makes things anymore fun.

I’ll also head back to the Halo 3 mine for a bit more fun and death – There’s something about that damn game that just makes me happy. I still suck ass, but I always enjoy the shit out of games.

And I’ll be spending some time with Eve Online. Got myself a nice little ship, figure I’ll spend the last 8 days of my free demo scooting around the universe, taking potshots at pirates and seeing the sights.

So, yeah. That’s my weekend.
What’s yours?

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