Entry 0042

Hurray for the 42nd post.
Hurray for the number 42!

So, I’ve come do a decision. I’m not known for doing this, but today I figured it’s something I have to do.

I’m going to quit my job.

Not right away, of course. No, I’m going to work there for another three months, putting every spare penny into savings, and then I’m going to quit.

How is this going to impact my house hunting? Greatly. I’m going to stop house hunting, in fact.

What am I going to do after I quit? Take a full month off, enjoy myself and maybe have a spot of travel. Then, I’ll buckle down and land another job. I’m talented in what I do, and I’ve got a varied enough resume that I can find another position in another company rather quickly if I actually apply myself.

I’m just totally burned out when it comes to work – which is why I hate where I work so damn much. Maybe I’ll even spend some of that down time getting back to my writing.

So, mark my words: August 1 will be my first day of freedom!

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