Entry 0041

Playstation 3 Linux Install – Second Go

Welcome to the second live blog of a linux installation on my Playstation 3. This time I’ll be attempting to install Yellow Dog Linux 6.0 on the PS3.

Let’s get dangerous!

2:05 AM
Booted up the PS3 and put in the DVD.
Did the “Install Other OS” jive, restarted PS3

2:08 AM
Booted into the installer – can’t find mouse, hopefully I won’t need it.

2:14 AM
Playing with a few options in the installer. Adding FTP and SMB support – probably will use neither, but still might come in handy. So far this is going much smoother than the other install.

2:18 AM
At a new install screen. The “big” one. Wow, fast install. YDL > Ubuntu?

2:28 AM
Still installing. Abut 33% done. Yay?
Still wondering why I might be doing this – probably because I kind of want to check out this other distro, but mostly because I just don’t want to go to sleep right now. Too much going on, and sleeping is not something that will be good for me. Mind wandering and all that. Can’t have that, might wander too far and get lost.

2:43 AM
Well over 75% done. No funky hanging, no weirdness at all.
Really digging how well this is going. If the distro works as well as it installs, I’ll be fairly surprised.

3:05 AM
Well, that went much better than I expected. After logging in for the first time, things work how the probably should. Has crude Flash support – not enough for YouTube though, so that still sucks. Also can’t seem to figure out how to get bluetooth keyboard and mouse added, might have to troll some forums.

All said, so much better than the Ubuntu installation.

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