Entry 0035

Was going to write a rather wordy post on some nerdy subject, but as the day has gone by here at The Office, things just didn’t align that way.

Last night, after watching two good episodes of Doctor Who (Run Away Bride + Smith and Jones) and eating chicken wings with my dear Spy (what appears to be our Wednesday Night “thing” now), followed by her going home much earlier than I would have liked (if I had my way, there would be no “going home” 😉 ), I spent an hour or so reading “World War Z” by Max Brooks.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this book at least once or twice before as it’s been out for quite some time, but what with one thing and another I’ve never managed to finish it. I read it a few pages at a time, and then get distracted by something else only to pick it up again a month or two later. The way it’s written – documentary style – lends itself to this style of reading. It’s not something that seems destined for a full sit-down, focus on just it kind of read, but more a “got some downtime, let’s have another story” kind of read.

It is, as the title may suggest, an historical look back at a world-wide zombie epidemic, as told by those who survived it. I’m just now to the bit where the zombies are breaking out en masse, and it’s pretty good. Very satirical and witty.

The point being – this has gotten me, once again, wondering about what it might be like to live through such an event. Something Kitty mentioned last night when people were panicking about being on the moon, but were strangely calm when alien ships landed, makes me wonder just how close to reality these kind of books are.

See, being confronted with an army of the undead is scary, sure. But, it’s also absurd – it’s fairly well removed from the realm of possibility and plausibility, right? It’s one of those Things That Can’t Happen… And, as such, I’m starting to think that were it to happen, people would freak out a lot less than they tend to do in the popular media.

Yes, bombings scare the shit out of everyone – as well they should. It’s something we can wrap our fear around. But, a dead body shambling around trying to eat you? Creepy, to be sure, but so absurd that you just can’t come to terms with it enough to actually be panicked. Scared, sure, but not panicked. Not totally out of control with fear, more “this can’t be real, what the hell” kind of denial.

The kind that’ll help you keep your head – as it were – and very likely mitigate the chaos that will ensue.

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