Entry 0034

Just got home from seeing a rather awesome concert, my favorite Pirate Rap artists, MC R.

Although they did much less pirate rap and far more good rocking music.

Yes, I saw MCR tonight with SpyKitty, and it was awesome. Really fucking awesome. Like, hard rocking, fist pumping almost jumping about a bit good time. Amber had a damn good time, I think… I had an amazing time too.

Turns out MCR == Geeks, what with the Office, Arrested Development comments and a couple of Bengay jokes.

I guess maybe you had to be there.

I’ve got a gallery of the photos I took uploaded on my .Mac account, here’s a direct link.

Hopefully Amber will get her pictures uploaded soon, and I’ll link to them at that time.

Also, just for the record: I totally love her and am glad we got to do this together. 😀

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