Entry 0032

I’m planning on changing the look of the site again shortly. It’s a rather drastic change this time, as the entire user experience will be changed this time. That is to say, it’s more than just the eye candy that will be different – the way things are listed and shown are different.

Still have some work to go tweaking the existing theme though, so it could be at least a week before I get it ready to roll. It will also have to pass the Spy Test – if you know what I mean. 😉

Until then, I’ve provided some samples of the images used:
generalpost.pngentry0029s.pngentry0030s.pngState of the Game Address

What you see there are the basic article splash images – many other sites use those to imitate the look and feel of a magazine. I thought it might be fun to move the site into that kind of a direction, and may start using them in the design of the site full time.

Granted, it’ll require a lot more time and effort on my part, as I’ll have to fire up Photoshop each time I post an article, but I think in the long run it could be worth it.

Worst case I just find a way to shoe-horn them into the existing theme.

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