Entry 0025

I should be in bed; In fact, I’ll be headed to bed very shortly.

Not been sleeping too well lately – not very sure why, although it could have something to do with spending a bit less time at home and more time out and about. As part of my “get over things” campaign, getting out and about is a damn good way for me to keep my mind focused on what I want.

What I really want is to finally get this place clean so that when I get the house – which I really, really hope I do – I’ll be able to move out fairly quickly. Last I heard, the mortgage company that currently holds the title was having their own, independent appraisal of the property conducted. If they come back with a much higher price, I’m screwed.

Hopefully they won’t – although I suppose I could have my own appraisal conducted, and then counter-offer with that. 😉

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