Entry 0023

Doing a bit of late night site maintenance. Went back to the old theme – not sure why, but this one just feels right. Feels like home.

Also went through most of the posts and added the dreaded “read more” link. I think this might bork the RSS feed a bit – Spook, let me know if it does – but it will make the actual blog a bit easier to look at. So, in the end, I’ll be happier and since this is my site, that is what matters.

Update: Made some adjustments to the theme itself. Still have a bit of tweaking to do, but this way the RSS feed (and the CLI, when and if I re-implement it) won’t get totally borked. Let me know what you think in the comments, okay?

Update II: Going back to the more tags for the previously stated, and then abandoned reasons.

Not a whole hell of a lot going on at the moment. I should have been asleep an hour ago, but I just couldn’t fall asleep. Might have something to do with spending all damn day in bed. Wasn’t feeling well – fighting off a cold or allergies or bronchitis or something. Maybe SARS, I don’t know. Anyway, I’ve got some serious pain in all my muscles, and my throat and chest are congested. Like, big time congested. Huge chunks of green shit. And when I breathe? I sound like a demonic harmonica!

Actually, that last bit is kind of cool. Sometimes when I talk it sounds like a small chorus of people. Pretty freaky on the one hand, but god damn cool on the other. Maybe I’ll YouTube it for posterity or something.

Last night Steph and I saw “Be Kind, Rewind.” OMG what an awesome, awesome movie. Mere words from me cannot convey just how much awesome this movie contained. I want every movie I see from now on to be Sweded.

Hmmm… A Sweded version of Manos.

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