Entry 0022

Just a short note to say that some people really fucking suck.

At lunch today – with my Realtor – some kid asked to use my phone to call his mom.
I handed it to him, and the next thing I knew the little bastard was half way down the damn block.

I ran after him, but something in my hindbrain asked “And? If you catch him? Then what? You rough him up, you’ll go to jail for beating on a minor…”

At least, I say that now – at the time I was starting to run out of breath. Fucking asthma, fucking being out of shape.
Fucking kids.

So – I called AT&T (my agent had already called 911 – there’s a funny story about driving around at high speeds in a minivan and being told by a 911 Operator that if we don’t go back to the restaurant right the hell now, she’ll not send any damn cops, but that’s a story for another time), and had the account turned off due to theft. They were very quick and understanding.

The cops showed up, took my statement – and that of everyone else in the restaurant (they wanted to see the kid hang too), and said that since it was $400 he’s looking at Grand Theft Larceny (like Rosenbergs car!), and since they had a good description of the little shit, and so many witnesses *AND* the serial/IME number (thanks AT&T) they figured the odds on catching the fucker were very high.

Huzzah, I suppose.

My meal? Free.

I stopped by my folks to clue them in, and to change every online password I had – just in case.
Then rolled over to AT&T store to try and get a cheap phone. The guy that worked there just handed me a brand new SIM, said “Find a cheap ass phone at Wal-Mart, man. It’ll be cheaper for ya.”

Fortunately, my mom had an old handset, so I’m rocking an old Motorola RAZR V3. Got my contacts back on it, and ready to roll.

So, yeah – stupid fucking kid, I hope he gets what’s coming to him. But, the everyone else?
Fucking awesome.

People rock.

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