Entry 0021

People have a really short attention span. And by people, I mean bloggers; and by attention span I suppose I really mean memory.

Allow me to explain. I read quite a few gaming blogs. Hell, it could be argued that I spend more time reading about games than I do actually playing them, which now that I think about it in such stark terms is horribly depressing. Life, don’t talk to me about life.

But, yes, I read my fair share of things on the internets. Lately, I’ve been having an odd sense of deja vous when it comes to certain stories, like Microsoft and Blu-Ray or other such sideline stuff that pops up once in a great while.

One such thing that caught my eye today – and that I actually followed up on – was how Smash Bros doesn’t work in “some” Wiis, according to Nintendo. Hmm, I thought, why could this be? And why would they be offering a cleaning service as the fix? And where, oh where, did I hear this before?

Oh, that’s right: just over a month ago, when the game came out in Japan! What the hell, people? This isn’t news! We already know it’s not going to work in dirty consoles – Japan already proved that!

Makes me wonder, though, why Nintendo of America is playing this off as if it were some sort of defect on their end, instead of coming right out and saying “Look, you made your stuff dirty, that’s why it’s not working. We’ll clean it for you, but please try and be more careful, huh?” No, the way it is now they are getting some negative feedback from people who assume it’s Nintendo’s fault that this is going on, and not the slobs whose system is coated in nicotine and/or dust.

It also makes me wonder if we’ll be hearing about this a third damn time when the game launches in Europe.

Any bets?

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3 replies on “Entry 0021”

  1. From what I’m to understand, the “dirty lens” part is kinda bullshit, and it really has to do with some <1% of Wii’s who have a sub-par drive that won’t read the double-layer SSBB disc properly.

  2. Hmmm, that is news.
    Where’d you hear that?

    Did you have any trouble getting Smash Bros. btw? I have had mine pre-ordered since shortly before the system launch, and when I went to pick it up they looked at me like I was crazy.

    Then asked for a receipt to prove the pre-order.

    Turns out some numnuts register biscuit put me down for “Zelda: Phantom Hourglass”, then added a note to that saying “Really wants Smash Bros instead”.

    I did get 20% off for my trouble though, so that was pleasant.

  3. Wow, all three of us have short attention spans:
    My point wasn’t the cause, but the fact that so many people seemed surprised that there was a problem in the first place.

    I still say that come Euro-Launch, there will be issues and people will be, once again, shocked and appalled.

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