Entry 0019

Warning: Nerd Content to Follow
I can feel the power of Steve Jobs’ RDF (Reality Distortion Field) kicking in, even as I type.

It’s been just under 24 hours since the “announcement” of the iPhone SDK (software development kit), and I’m still rather excited about the possibility to craft my own apps for the little bundle of joy.

The only problem? I don’t know the language.

One of the key features of Mac OS Leopard was the fact that it came with super easy to use developer tools. When I upgraded from Tiger, I put those tools on my laptop with the intention of creating some pretty kick-ass software. Then I started up the toolset, and weeped.

I could – almost – handle the little example apps they included with everything. I could sort of follow how the code flowed, and had a slight inkling of what was going on within each statement. Objective C isn’t that different from C++, a language I had a grasp on in high school. Yet, it still somehow managed to scare the piss out of me.

When all was said and done, and I did my first “test” of Time Machine (by wiping the drive and recovering data), I didn’t put the dev tools back. I knew that I was beaten.

I figure the same thing will happen with the iPhone SDK: I’ll get my grubby hands on it, tinker with the example code, get myself completely confused, and then give up.

Which is sad, as I see the things that others are able to knock together and I wish I could do the same.

Maybe a quick run to Borders a copy of X Code 3 for Complete Fucking Retards is in order.

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