Entry 0016

Today is Sunday.

There is nothing going on today, nothing to blog about at least.

I guess I could recap my week, that might be fun.

Last sunday I was still @ work, finishing up the major bits of our move. There was pizza provided, and I ate as much of it as I could. There was also a rather confusing issue with getting three of our plotters online and working correctly, and I nearly attacked – literally – one of my least favored ISD guys when he started fucking around with one of the printers after I’d finally managed to get it working.

Monday and Tuesday are kind of blurred together. There was a lot more running around, doing stupid little shit just trying to get everyone else ready to work. You know, all the people who were too good to work with us over the weekend to move their stupid, lazy asses.

As I figured, there was no thanks given for the work done.

Either Tuesday or Wednesday night Rosenberg and I were joined by Steph for Sushi @ Kona. A good time was had by all, and it seems that Rosenberg thinks she’s rather neat too.

Thursday I slept, eventually. Stayed up late playing UT3 and generally relaxing.

Friday I installed linux on my PS3, and live blogged it. I didn’t go to Rich’s for Game Night because I wanted a bit of time for to recharge, and I figured there’d be enough people there that I would feel the strain of dealing with them. From the sounds of it a good time was had in my absence, as well as some interesting conversation and speculation. Personally, I’m glad they talk about me when I’m not around – it validates my existence. 😉

Of course, I didn’t just sit on my ass all night Friday, I did eventually go out and do things, but they were my things.

Saturday was spent almost entirely in bed. I was damn tired, worn out and just loving the fact that I had nothing to do and nowhere to go. I played more UT, spent some time IMing with Katt and Lori, and managed to get my living room even more clean.

And today?

Today is Sunday.

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