Entry 0013

I’m still alive – and to prove it I’m here.

This week has been hell work wise: As of right now I’m on hour 45 of a normal 40 hour work week. When all is said and done I will have logged at total of 17 hours worth of overtime. Granted, that kind of money will *really* help me right about now, but I’m also pretty god damn exhausted and generally worn the hell out.

Not much to report on Project Domicile: The bank is reviewing my offer, and is currently deciding between accepting it or putting the place up for auction. From what I understand, there are two Realtors and a negotiator on my side attempting to convince the bank that allowing me to buy it is their best course of action.

Again with the work, but I’m really not digging the new locale. The lighting is too bright, the floor sways enough that I’m getting sea sick, and there’s a general sense of shoddy workmanship about the whole place. Also, it’s real super far from any food, I can’t take my morning walk to StarBucks, and frankly, I’m having to spend more time away from my desk than I generally like. Also, today we have no bathrooms – they are “closed for repairs” or some such nonsense.

Nintendo finally released Kirby 64 on the VC, so I can retire my N64 from the living room and not be worried. In fact, with all the Zeldas being on GC/Wii and Paper Mario being on VC now too, I could probably retire the N64 entirely. It’s something I’ve been considering, as it’d allow me to be rid of one more thing I don’t really need.

I might try and install Ubuntu on the PS3 this Friday, as an exercise in futility. I don’t see it working well at all, rather it shall end in tears for all involved, but it might be fun all the same.

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