Entry 0012

Today I worked about 11 hours total. It wasn’t all that bad, though – the majority of it was finishing up the few things that needed done, getting a list of items to excess and then supervising ISD as the tore our computers apart.

It was weird supervising them, as just a few months ago I was one of them… Now, they, in a sense, work for me. I mean, they don’t work *for* me in the sense that I am their boss, but they work for me as they are customer service, and I am the customer. It’s an odd feeling, having my former co-workers doing what I ask of them, because they have to follow my direction.

Kind of nice, too.

Today was probably the last day I’ll eat at Gyro Time. I think I’ll miss that place.

Tomorrow will be my last morning Starbucks run. Sure, Starbucks = evil empire, but I do like me a mocha in the morning. I’ll just have to adjust; maybe I’ll switch to tea at my desk.

Not much else to report at the moment. Things are trucking along rather well on most fronts; Will do my damnedest to head to Game Night tomorrow – doing so each week is really helping me with my stupid social anxiety bullshit. I figure within a few weeks I might actually be able to start a conversation with a stranger!

Yeah, probably not.

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