Entry 0010

The move @ work is chugging along according to plan, although there are now rumors that the move will be postponed until next week. This has both positive and negative repercussions on daily life.

On the plus side, it would allow for the rest of the department to get their shit together and, oh, actually pack a few things up! On the down side, it’d mean another week of, more than likely, me packing shit for people who are too damn lazy to do it themselves.

I’ve noticed a “bug” in this CLI theme for WordPress: It seems that doing a list of entries does not show them in the correct order. I’m not sure if that’s a problem with my blog in particular, or the theme itself. Previously, when I had used this theme it worked correctly – most of the time. However, I have since upgraded the version of WordPress that I am using, so it could be that. I’ve taken a tiny peek at the code behind the theme – which is rather impressive – but haven’t had much luck decoding all of it. Very well written, but I’m at a bit of a loss as to how it actually works.

The house buying process is also chugging along quite well – faxes have been flying back and forth between myself, the estate agent and the money lender. All told I’m rather excited to be buying a place, but I’ll be quite happy once the process is done and over with. I really want that house, and I’m having a good time keeping a positive mindset about it.

Hopefully within the week I’ll have confirmation that the house is, indeed, mine. I’ll be sure to keep this updated as events warrant.

Not sure if this is something that is of note or not, but I did change the titling of the blog today. I did this partly to keep with the overall “theme” that I’m going for, that is of it being a coherent log of my life and events pertaining there to, but also because I was getting a bit tired of trying to come up with nice little titles every time I wanted to add something. I think it works rather well on both levels.

I also plan to start using text color shortly, where needed and when appropriate, to better show mood and emotional inflection of the words and ideas I plan on posting here. Just another thing that HTML can do and, yet, no one actually seems to use.

So far I’m pretty sure that red will be used for such things as anger and/or things that are actually rather important, but other than that I’m at a loss as to what colors to use when. I’ll just figure it out as I go along, and retroactively add them as needed.

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