Entry 0009

This morning, I awoke from slumber with an irritating headache.
By lunchtime, the headache had yet to pass.

As of the time of this writing, my head still bugs me. Even worse, however, is the burning sensation in my eyes. A mild itch, it’s more annoying rather than actually painful, yet it’s still quite unpleasant.

Sent in the majority of the paperwork for my home loan; the process is nearly complete, all I need is a couple W2’s and a happy miracle. To think, just a scant few weeks ago I had plans in motion to move out of state – if not further – and now I’m looking to cement my stay in this town I love for at least six more years. How quickly one must adapt to the changing times and situations in ones life.

Speaking of changes and situations, I had the chance to see a movie last night, Spiderwick Chronicles, with my new friend Katt. The movie was rather fast and fun, a sort of light fantasy movie where the disgruntled and disillusioned youth discovers a world of magic and mayhem, quite literally, in his own back yard. There are life lessons to be learned by all, and in the end it’s a happy ending for (most) involved, if somewhat bitter sweet. The CG was rather cartoony, as befitting the nature of the movie.

We caught it in IMAX, and what I found oddly refreshing – People were actually quiet, and there were almost no children in attendance of this particular showing. All considered, probably my best movie going experience since Cloverfield, a view I’m sure I share with few.

On thing, though, that did catch my attention is how over priced IMAX is. The whole claim to fame for IMAX is the fact that it’s all digital on a huge ass screen. Well, it just so happens that my local megaplex is also all digital, and I’d wager that the screens are at least as large as the IMAX, and if they aren’t one can quite easily get the same experience by sitting a few rows closer. Also, it’s a whole seven bucks cheaper per ticket, a savings that quickly adds up for the avid movie goer.

The next movie I hope to see is the Jack Black/Mos Def comedy Be Kind, Rewind, the tragic tale of two hapless video store clerks who… do something. Not totally sure, but the previews are somewhat funny and include Jack and Mos doing their own low budget versions of the classic movies Ghostbusters, Robocop and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Not sure when I’ll be free to actually watch it, as I’ll be busy with the move (work, not personal) this whole weekend. Downside, stuck at work; Upside, 10+ hours of overtime.

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