Entry 0008

Seriously, is a title totally needed?

Well, for those who read this – I’m really digging the old school CLI interface. I have to say, this is probably my favorite theme for WordPress. At one point I was considering using it for a different project – Project Tax Dollars – but since I epic failed at getting that off the ground, I decided this would be a good place for it.

I like how it causes a good number of people to forget that the mouse still works when using this site. Yes, I know it’s all scary and DOS like, but it doesn’t magically disable the mouse.

I hear that’s a feature in the next version though. 😉

One of the things the potential move has caused me to realize is I have a bunch of stuff. In my living room alone I have a ton of things that I’m not looking forward to moving, most importantly the Mario Bros. That thing took two of us to get up the stairs to this apartment, and takes two people to move from one room to another.

I’m thinking it’ll be the last thing out of this place, an the last thing into the new place.

Other than that, just a bunch of DVDs and books. I do have a wad of games and systems, and more little toys than is healthy… and that has got me considering getting rid of the majority of them. I’ll keep some stuff, like my Doctor Who stuff and my H2G2 stuff, but other than that? Not a lot staying.

Well, okay a *few* Star Trek toys too, but other than that? All gone.

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