Entry 0007

This was a fairly productive week.

I managed to make it to work all four days – and am going to have myself a rather action packed four-day-weekend too!
On Friday I put a bid in on a house (just under $200k), a rather nice four-bedroom monster in North Las Vegas. I’m really hoping that I get it, too…

I know there are those out there who don’t like NLV – or LV at all for that matter – but, to them I can only say “This is my home now, this is where I’m comfortable, this is where I want to live. And, really, it’s a fucking awesome house. I mean, really fucking amazing.”

Played Scene It over at Rich’s place, and won. By a large margin, if I do say so myself…
Did I enjoy it? Hells yes I did! I don’t get to win games very often, so when I do you bet your ass I’m going to treasure every moment of it.

As for the aspects of my personal life… Well, there might actually *be* a personal life soon… Nothing I want to talk about right now, right here, but suffice to say that my reluctance to talk about things is due to the fear of jinxing them.

My life, right now, is pretty good. Could it be better? Sure, of course – but all things considered I’m doing rather well.

Which makes a nice change, if I do say so myself.

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