Entry 0002

Hey there blog. Been a while since I wrote something in you.
Tonight was a fun night – met Rich and his co-workers at his local bar, had some drinks (for free) and a Tasty Burger(also free), spend a few hours just hanging out and having a bit of fun… A good pick-me-up to end an otherwise rather shitty week. 😀

There was also some Rock Band, but I sucked. Hard. Like, I totally sucked at the guitar, totally didn’t do well at all with the drums, and very much sucked horribly with the singing.
I think I’ll be the roadie next time.

However, I totally schooled Rich @ SceneIt. Movie Triva FTMFW!

There was more, I think… But, nothing I can remember as being super ultra important right now.

I think that, shortly, I’ll get to adding back the links and doing some minor alterations to the design and layout of this site. Really, if this is going to be my blog I should move in to it a bit better.

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