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Are Dedicated Personal Blogs Dead?

In the age of Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram is there still room for a dedicated personal blog? Is this a thing that can, or even should, still exist?

October 2014 Lootcrate

I’ve been subscribed to Lootcrate for the past three months, and in the past two crates have been pretty spiffy. However, I haven’t documented them – which is the thing to do. So, I’m gonna fix that this… Read More

What if Tom Baker voiced Siri?

Douglas Adams was a genius, that much is known. He was brilliant and funny, and constantly looking towards the future – and dragging anyone along with him that would care to go. So it’s no surprise that he… Read More

The Flash – Pilot First Look

It’s no secret that the pilot for the new CW series “The Flash” has found its way onto the internets. I managed to track a copy down, and gave it a go last night – and I gotta… Read More

Transformers Age of Extinction Viral Site / Video

Transfomers Viral Site Updates – Lotta Backstory, Not Much ARG

Looks like the marketing for Transformers : Age of Extinction is kicking into a higher gear, as today they dropped the following in-universe news video on an unsuspecting internet: